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100 Packs Disposable Painting Brush

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100 Pack Disposable Painting Brush!

Each brush has a separate protective cover, carefully designed, safe and hygienic

The thin head of the disposable paint brush is made of high-quality materials and is easy to use, it is the perfect tool for digital painting kits with complex colors to increase your efficiency and make your painting better!


✅ Disposable Brushes: 100 packs of disposable brushes, enough for spare or replacement

✅ PERFECT PAINTING TOOL - Suitable for multi-color application, no need to wash the brush frequently, make your painting process more relaxed.

✅ Ultra-fine brush head - easy and precise application, for better coloring and hooking.

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How to use:

When the bristles are soft, you can use it normally.


1 Set including:100 Packs Disposable Painting Brush

Packaging: Boxed