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Top 10 most common questions on the PaintingByNumberFactory
06.11.2022 | PaintingByNumberFactory |

Hi there,

We’ve collated our top 10 most common questions on the PaintingByNumberFactory, so you can fully prepare for your next masterpiece while you wait.

This blog is for our newbies and experienced painters alike and is a great link to save for later.


You are welcome to read this article. In fact, this is our first attempt to meet you on a blog. We will try to write some tutorials in detail in the future, so that you can enjoy every minute of painting better.

Let’s answer some common questions first.

(1) Shipping time
Under normal circumstances, it takes 12-20 days. If you have a tracking number and find that the logistics progress has not been updated for a long time, you can send a private message to the public homepage or customer service mailbox.
Customer service email address:


(2) What if you send a message and don't get a reply for a long time?
It is recommended to send again. Sometimes the mailbox is blocked, or our customer service does not see it, or the message is ignored. Remember that sometimes it is normal to not hear back within a few hours due to jet lag. But if you don't get a reply for too long, please contact customer service again.


(3) What if the coupon cannot be used?
Sometimes the coupon doesn't work because the coupon code has expired. It is recommended that you get the coupon to use as soon as possible. Another situation is that the products in the store have already participated in the event and cannot be used in combination with coupons.


(4) What if the paint dries?
You can add some hot water, or a few drops of acrylic flow aid, stir and let it sit for a while and the paint is ready to use. However, if the paint is completely unusable, you can contact the customer service mailbox, send the photos of the paint, and we will feedback to our factory to solve it.


(5) What if the received canvas has creases?
we suggest the easiest way is to turn the canvas face down, put a cloth over the top and iron the canvas. We suggested a light spray on the back of the canvas as well, just take care not to wet the canvas completely as this will cause more creases.Of course, if the crease is so serious that you can't solve it, please take a photo and send it to the customer service email.


(6) How long does a custom painting take?
Custom painting will take more time than normal painting. When you can't find the button to upload pictures, you can send it to the customer service email after placing the order. If you don't know the best size for a custom image, you can also send us an image and we'll recommend a suitable canvas size.


(7) Is it necessary to color by numbers?
This can come according to your personal preference. You can paint one color at a time, or paint by area. After trying it out you'll find out what works best for you.


(8)What if there is not enough paint?
We recommend that you don't throw away the leftover paints after each purchase, they can sometimes come in handy when there's a shortage of paint and the courier hasn't arrived. Of course, you can always contact the customer service email.


(9)Do I need to stay inside the lines as I paint?
Don’t be too harsh on yourself, enjoy the process and make the painting your own as you go. A little painting outside the lines won’t make a big difference overall.


(10)What does everyone do with their completed paint by numbers?
There are so many delightful choices once you complete your painting. At the top of the list would have to be updating the décor in your home. Painting are also a perfect gift for someone special because there is so much time and love that is invested that the recipient can appreciate.
Some customers choose to store their paintings in a portfolio which is also a great choice, just ensure the painting is fully dried before doing this to ensure that the paint doesn’t stick to the plastic.